Audacious Prayer

Boldness in prayer is an uncomfortable thought for some.  Storming heaven with prayers? …how do we go from prayer wimps to audacious prayers warriors?

Like a powerful muscle that grows weak from neglect, the believer who fails to pray becomes carnal, complacent and life becomes a struggle with many difficult issues.  Prayer is literally the lifeline of the Christian.

The Bible is a book about fervent prayer and the resulting answers to those prayers. From Genesis to Revelation, the power of audacious prayer is emphasized. One would be hard-pressed to read the Bible without coming to the conclusion that prayer actually does change things. In fact, prayer changes everything. Faith and prayer are the tandem vehicles that move things from the realm of the spirit to the natural arena. They cause the unseen to become reality.

There is room for everyone here at The Orchard.

Pray or Be Prayer For
Wednesdays at Noon in the Worship Center. All are welcome.