If you are looking to connect at The Orchard this is the place for you. At our core, we are relational beings. Isolated, we cannot survive in a healthy state of mind or body.   We are created to love and be loved, to share of ourselves, to give of ourselves. We are wired this way and fulfilled when we are in community. It is in community that we understand who God is – revealing, loving, fulfilling and relational.  We envision The Orchard attendees involved in meaningful Christian relationships through Growth Groups. Imagine how much Life we can bring together, to each other and to our Valley!


New Sessions will Start Winter 2021

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What you should expect in a Growth Group:

  • Growth Groups are a place where people can get relationally connected and grow together in their faith .
  • Growth Groups will encourage and challenge us in our walk with Christ. Whether you are a new believer trying to figure out the basics of faith or a person who has been a follower of Christ for decades.
  • Growth Groups are a safe place to ask questions, grow and be challenged as we all pursue Loving God and Loving People.
  • Growth Groups sessions meet for 10 weeks, take a break, then start another 10 week session. There are 3 sessions a year, in the Spring Summer and Fall.

If you would like more information on Growth Groups please contact me and we look forward to your participation in our groups, where we can all grow to new levels of Loving God and Loving People together.

Contact: Cheryl Westfall  (970) 379-0322


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This is an open group that meets Wednesday mornings at the church from 9:30am-11:00am.
Childcare IS provided. Email us for more information!

**Discussion starts @ 9:30am, arrive early to get kids settled.**