Meet Our Missionaries

John Altemus

John serves with Cristar and there are seven schools with approximately 200 students in India that he helps support. The schools primarily provide academic training, but also offer a once weekly “Sunday school” for spiritual training. He also provides leadership and supervision to the in-country superintendent of these schools. Currently John is in Nepal, where he is involved in informal outreach to “plant seeds” in his community. He leads a local children’s group and provides monthly training for house fellowship leaders in his district. He also has the opportunity to teach men at the district gatherings. Informally, he seeks resources or info for people with health or financial issues.

Buan and Theresa Anderson

The Andersons serve with TEAM and have been in France since January 2006. Buan directs camps, trains young camp directors, and is heavily involved in the leadership of the DEFI torchbearers Bible school.  Theresa does some office accounting, help with cooking, and is involved with the Bible school leadership as well.  Theresa is also involved in a women’s ministry called Lifesprings International, and is the president of the French branch, with the vision or connecting, encouraging, and preparing women to impact their communities with the love of God. Buan is the treasurer for TEAM’s French association.

Marilyn Barnes

Marilyn is Regional Rep for the Rocky Mountain Region for Jesus Film. She represents the ministry, (a part of Cru in the US and Campus Crusade for Christ, globally) and meets with donors who give to the Jesus Film on a regular basis and is available to get Jesus Film resources to individuals, churches, ministries, and missionaries who use them around the world.

Ashley and Becky Denton

Dr. Ashley Denton is the Sr. Vice President of Nexus International. He is a global leader in indigenous student ministry development through equipping, encouraging, and empowering entrepreneurial mission leaders in over 65 nations. The mission of Nexus International is to address the worldwide drought of youth leadership. Our vision is to flood the nations with biblical youth leadership training and outdoor ministry opportunities, so that every young person may know Jesus Christ and grow as his disciple. Ashley is the founder of the Wilderness Ministry Institute and the author of Outdoor Leadership: Theology, Theory and Practice, and The Personality of Jesus: How to Introduce Young People to Jesus Christ and Help them Grow in their Faith.

Russ and Jo Anne Licht

Russ and Jo Anne’s ministry focus on teachers working with the International School Project. ISP is a unique branch of Cru where a thin connection is kept to the parent organization to reach into countries that are not open to a global Christian mission organization.

Their goal is to have a group of educators in every city and village changing students’ and colleagues’ lives and influencing their communities for Christ. Jo Anne is Human Resource Director for ISP and Russ is Digital Media and Infrastructure expert and Leadership Coach for ISP team leaders

Why do we go on mission trips?

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” – Matthew 28:19-20

We go on missions:

  • To share God’s heart for the lost
  • To reach the lost for Jesus
  • To train participants how to hear God’s voice
  • To disciple other Christians, especially youth, to reach the lost until Christ returns.

We long to see lives transformed, for the ones we are ministering to as well as the ones who are pouring out themselves into the lives of others. Mission work both internationally and locally can open hearts and minds to receive Jesus Christ. Short-term missions is the vehicle through which we mobilize people onto life-long discipleship as well as potentially opening opportunities for long-term missions.

Invest in our Orchard Missionaries!
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