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Women’s Bible Study
Hosea—Unfailing Love Changes Everything’ by Jennifer Rothschild

The book of Hosea in the Old Testament is an interesting one.
“It’s the story about an unlikely couple, an unusual courtship and an illicit affair.
But the marriage didn’t  end; instead, a love story began.
It’s Hosea and Gomer’s love story and it’s your love story.
When you’re looking for identity, God calls you His own.
………..When you feel enslaved, God frees you.
When you wander away, God brings you home.
No matter where you are, God sees who you are and loves you faithfully. 

                                    His unfailing love changes everything.”

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The Orchard Book Club

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Open to new members or visitors, whether you have read the book or not.
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This is an open group lead by Stacie Mayes and Amy Self that will meet Tuesdays at the church from 10:00am-11:00am.
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